About this website:

In 2017, I began a journey to read a book from every country in the world, whilst in that country.  In so doing, I will travel to every country on the globe, and read at least 193 different authors.  I expect this to take years — maybe more years than I’ll get.  Along the way I’ll be documenting my efforts, and writing about the ideas, books, and people I meet.

This is not a completely new idea.  The aim of reading (at least one) book from every country in the world has been well documented elsewhere, and attempting to visit every country on the world is a common target for travellers worldwide.  This blog simply merges the two.

A note of caution.  Literature is one of the best lenses through which to view a nation, but the nation is perhaps the worst lens through which to view a work of literature.  Or perhaps it is the other way around.  The parameters of “one book per country” is almost wholly arbitrary, and will certainly be broken.  This project is not an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records, nor a tick-box exercise. This is just a road that leads to a bigger pile of books, and hopefully, something interesting to say about it at the end.

You can read my thoughts on the standard (but worthwhile) debate about what constitutes a country here (coming soon).  This includes some further explanation about why I have chosen the target that I have.

About me:

I like to travel.  I like to read.  I don’t currently get paid to do either (at least, not properly).

My “day job” is doing research and policy in the not-for-profit sector in the UK.  It sounds very boring if you know nothing about it, very exciting if you know a bit about it, and very boring if you know a lot about it.

This blog is a labour of love, and therefore, not to be taken too seriously.


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